Top 3 ways Chicago Bears can beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week #2

Justin Fields needs to play better, and the defense needs to give the Bears a chance in week two

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Roschon Johnson, Chicago Bears
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2. Chicago Bears must find a downhill running attack

The Chicago Bears rushing attack was awful on Sunday. A lot of that can be because of their interior offensive line. Lucas Patrick and Nate Davis have hardly practiced, and Cody Whitehair practiced at center all summer only to start at guard. So, the results were as expected.

Still, this group will get better as the rust comes off and the experience grows. Beyond the offensive line, they have to start a shift at running back. Khalil Herbert is a big play hitter, and he should not be taken out of the offense. However, he also is not a downhill runner. He cannot pick up the short distance yards, and he cannot turn the first and tens into second and fives. He takes risks and loses yards when the team just wants someone to get downhill, fall forward, and get an extra yard or two.

That is why the team signed D'onta Foreman and Roschon Johnson. They are both downhill attackers, and they both contrast Herbert very well. The Chicago Bears have to mix Herbert in, but they should rely on Foreman and Johnson when they are looking to get downhill. The team should look to do this because the speed of Justin Fields can get linebackers to worry about him getting to the sidelines. This can open the middle of the field for someone who has that running style.