Chris Simms brutally sets the record straight about Justin Fields and Caleb Williams

Sometimes, the truth hurts.
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears fans can be a bit sensitive when it comes to the quarterback position, and rightfully so.

It's been a rough 100-plus years, for the most part. But now, the tide appears to be turning. The Caleb Williams era is in full effect, and Bears fans are ready to watch a true franchise quarterback -- their first ever, really -- suit up in the navy and orange.

At one point, many thought Justin Fields was going to be the franchise quarterback type, and he could still turn into one out in Pittsburgh or wherever he's to land next year. But right now, in Chicago, it's all about Caleb Williams, and one former quarterback-turned-analyst knows it.

Chris Simms recently compared Fields and Williams on-air, and here's a short clip of his thoughts on the two passers.

Simms had a few good points, but none better and more sensible than this one:

"Caleb is as gifted and natural a thrower as you're ever gonna find ... Caleb is a guy where I go, he's a quarterback who's a great athlete. Justin Fields, I would say, is a great athlete who's still learning to be a better quarterback."

Bears fans held out hope as long as they could for Justin Fields as a passer

Because Bears fans haven't had the most ideal luck with quarterbacks for, oh, the majority fo the past century, they tend to try and hang onto any positives they can. When it came to Fields, his athleticism and game-breaking ability, on the ground, made him electrifying to watch. Bears fans figured he would eventually figure out the passing aspect and make quicker decisions.

But, after three years in Chicago, Fields still struggled to get the ball out quickly and decisiveness wasn't always his strongsuit. Simms talked about Bears fans' disapproval of his longstanding take on Fields, but how many of them are starting to come around now that they see what Williams is capable of.

"Most of Chicago crapped on me for like a year and a half, and all of the sudden it became, 'huh, maybe he's right. Maybe he's not that great of a thrower,'" Simms said of Fields.

If we're all being honest, Simms is not wrong. Fields' greatest weakness came when he had to get rid of the ball quickly and decisively. The arm strength was there. The ability to make many of the throws was certainly there. But, mechanically, Fields' release still took too long and he wasn't able to decide where to go with the ball as quickly as he should.

Williams, on the other hand, looks as natural as you can when throwing the ball. It's almost effortless. From the decision-making to the release, Williams simply looks the part. Hopefully, everything we've seen up to this point will translate onto the NFL field.