Chicago Bears cornerback review through two weeks

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The Chicago Bears cornerbacks were supposed to be the strength of the defense. Through two weeks, they seem to have as many questions as the rest of the roster. How have the cornerbacks looked through two weeks and who have been the best coverage players and the biggest liabilities?

Chicago Bears cornerback review through two weeks

Tyrique Stevenson - 68 coverage snaps

Primary Receivers: Dontayvion Wicks, Mike Evans

Tyrique Stevenson saw Dontayvion Wicks and Malik Heath for the most part in week one. So, he made it through unscathed, although he did allow a short touchdown to Romeo Doubs. In week two, the jump from Wicks to Mike Evans showed. He allowed 122 yards and a touchdown to Mike Evans in a game where he lost physical battle but also was outsmarted by Evans.

Overall, he is 8-12 when targeted for 148 yards per PFF. He has two touchdowns allowed, but it is hard to dig into the stats too deep. He had one great performance against weak receivers and one bad performance against an elite wideout. Now, let's see him grow against players in the middle the rest of the way.

Jaylon Johnson - 68 coverage snaps

Primary Receivers: Romeo Doubs, Chris Godwin

Jaylon Johnson has not been tested as much as Stevenson. The Packers did not have the receivers, and the Bucs were interested in going after the rookie. Johnson saw Doubs for most of week one and only allowed 13 yards. He did allow a 25-yard catch to Chris Godwin and a 36-yard catch to Mike Evans, but for the most part, he held Godwin in check. At this point, he is who he is, a low-end number one or a high-end number two.

Kyler Gordon - 16 coverage snaps

Primary Receivers: Jayden Reed

Kyler Gordon had a pass breakup that was almost an interception, and he had a strong game against Jayden Reed. Gordon allowed 16 yards on one catch to Samari Tourre but was not tested much outside of that. Unfortunately, he will miss at least three more weeks.

Greg Stroman - 15 coverage snaps

Primary Receivers: Chris Godwin

Greg Stroman has been the primary replacement for Gordon since Josh Blackwell tweaked his hamstring after just five coverage snaps. He mostly saw Godwin but also saw bits of Trey Palmer. He allowed 17 yards to Godwin on two catches and was charged with a catch allowed to Rachaad White as well. Overall, it was not a bad performance, although that could be because Evans stole the show.

Josh Blackwell - 5 coverage snaps

Primary Receiver: Jayden Reed

In five snaps, Blackwell was tested by Reed and allowed an 18-yard reception. He left with a hamstring injury right after.

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Terrel Smith - 4 coverage snaps

Primary Receivers: Trey Palmer

Smith was in the game for four snaps, and the Bucs went after him twice. He allowed a 20-yard catch to Trey Palmer, who was only targeted when Smith was on the field.