Chicago Bears face crucial decision on these 5 players

What do the Bears do with these guys?

Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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5. Justin Fields, QB

Finally, and obviously, we come to quarterback Justin Fields. Entering his fourth year in the league, Fields will be subject of his fifth-year option and a future contract extension. But, what kind of figures does he deserve? I don't think we know the answer to that question just yet.

It is going to be the top subject of interest, in Chicago, until a decision is made.

Do the Bears take Caleb Williams at no. 1 in the 2024 NFL Draft? Do they stick with Fields and trade the pick for a second-straight year?

Fields has proven to possess game-breaking talent and ability over his first three seasons. He is always a big play waiting to happen with his legs. That, we know, for sure.

As a passer though, he is still unproven. Some might blame the system. Some blame coaching. Some blame play-calling. Some blame lack of weapons at times. Some might blame the offensive line at times.

Regardless, Fields is still a question mark, even though we've seen him capable of doing some big things. The Bears need stability, though. They need a long-term plan at the position. And, if the team winds up not being sold on him 100 percent, then you will see Caleb Williams in Chicago next season.