Are the Chicago Bears a likely landing spot for recently released DeAndre Hopkins?

Chicago Bears, DeAndre Hopkins
Chicago Bears, DeAndre Hopkins / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Chicago Bears, DeAndre Hopkins
Chicago Bears, DeAndre Hopkins / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Notable Mentions of long shots that could land DeAndre Hopkins

Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears fans will not be happy about this, but with the offseason hype the Detroit Lions are receiving, DeAndre Hopkins might be willing to buy in. They play in a dome so the weather isn't too big of an issue. And, the Lions currently hold the fifth-most cap space in the league. Can money and the offseason hype be enough to sway Hopkins?

Baltimore Ravens

I know that DeAndre Hopkins mentioned Lamar Jackson, but I don't think that is enough for the Ravens to go after the free-agent wide receiver. Plus, with the addition of Odell Beckham and the drafting of Zay Flowers, I think the Ravens are set at the wide receiver spot. I won't completely rule them out though.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have a solid defense and we all know that the front office is as stable as they come. I'm not sure about Mac Jones being a quarterback who loves the game and brings everyone on board with him, but I could see DeAndre Hopkins in a Patriots uniform. They have a decent amount of cap space left and Mac Jones could use another wide receiver. Right now, the top guy is between JuJu Smith-Schuster and DeVante Parker.

Chicago Bears

As much as I doubt this happens, I have to put the Chicago Bears here. DeAndre Hopkins has not said he only wants to play for a Super Bowl contender. Instead, his exact words were that he wants to play with a quarterback that loves the game and brings everyone on board with him. Justin Fields, check. He wants stable management - because he's been through four general managers in his career. Ryan Poles, check.

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Now, the defense part is where the Bears lack and there are teams closer to a Super Bowl now anyway. Plus, the Chicago Bears are well-equipped at the wide receiver spot I'm not certain Ryan Poles would look to sign Hopkins despite him being a clear upgrade at the position. Poles isn't reactionary and adding Hopkins feels reactionary. I have to put them on the list though because it would be awesome and they have the cap space to do it.