Bears face difficult QB choice: Justin Fields or these 4 quarterbacks in 2024?

Will Chicago have a decision to make next offseason?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Last Sunday, prior to kickoff against the Detroit Lions, a report surfaced about the Chicago Bears being (mostly) committed to quarterback Justin Fields.

In that report, the Bears would supposedly have to be "blown away" by a quarterback to go ahead and replace Fields. I suppose you could count that as some faith in the third-year passer.

But, the next few games are still crucial for Fields. If the Bears ultimately need to make a decision between he or another quarterback during the offseason, things could get dicey.

Now, let's look at some realistic options the Bears could look at and compare them all to Fields.

1. Tyson Bagent

Folks, this ship has sailed. For those even still entertaining the idea, please don't. The Tyson Bagent story was short-lived, at least through the eyes of a comparison to Fields. There is no comparison.

Bagent began his short stint as the Bears' starter by showing us he could get the ball out quickly, which is one of the only reasons everyone fell in love with him right away. Yes, Fields can tend to hold the ball a bit longer. But, Bagent also showed us he is more than capable of turning the football over, and he did that in a hurry as well.

In five games (four starts) this year, Bagent threw six interceptions and fumbled three times. He might have been the best quarterback in DII football last year, but he did go undrafted for a reason. Bagent has a ways to go if he ever wants to become a starter at this level.

Verdict: Fields