Chicago Bears' defensive end depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Jason Miller/GettyImages

Now that the 2024 NFL draft is over there will be little to no roster moves for the Chicago Bears before they hit training camp. So, it is a good chance to see where the depth chart stands at key positions. 

Edge Rusher 1. Montez Sweat 

When the Bears traded for Montez Sweat their defense got significantly better. There are questions of whether he could really keep up that consistency or not, but he is clearly the leader of this group heading into the season. 

Edge Rusher 2. DeMarcus Walker 

The Bears did not add much to the room and will run it back with Walker as a Robin to the Batman of Sweat. Walker is a good run defender and can slide inside at times, but the team has needed him on the edge so much it has caused them to struggle to get the best out of him. In a perfect world, they add a solid number two and Walker slides into that rotational role. That has not happened. 

Edge Rusher 3. Jacob Martin 

The Bears signed Jacob Martin and he will replace Yannick Ngakoue for now. Most would call that a downgrade and it is on paper, but Ngakoue was not good last year, and Martin brings a hustle and run defense ability he does not. Still, even the Bears would tell you that they wish he was their fourth rusher if they were forced to tell the truth. 

Edge Rusher 4. Austin Booker 

Austin Booker is a swing on upside and potential. He looked good in a limited sample size last season but essentially has one season of play in his college career. That is why you cannot put him over Martin before the season starts. The team needs to make sure he can see an NFL field first. 

Edge Rusher 5. Dominique Robinson 

Robinson was even more raw and projectable than Booker coming out of college. The issue is that Robinson was awful in his first year and somehow got worse in the year after. This caused the team to lose trust in him and they had to make sure he was not in the top four before camp started. 

Edge Rusher 6. Khalid Kareem 

Kareem started to get work over Robinson towards the end of last season, and you could make a strong case that he should be ahead of Robinson on this current depth chart. The draft status of Robinson and the physical promise keep him ahead for now. 

Edge Rusher 7. Jamree Kromah 

Kromah is a UDFA from James Madison. He could end up sticking on the practice squad and may end up on the roster longer than Robinson.

Edge Rusher 8. Daniel Hardy 

Daniel Hardy was a UDFA from Montana State back in 2022. He is going to get a shot in training camp, but may not be on the roster much longer.