Cracking the code on the Chicago Bears defensive line for the draft

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Chicago Bears, Deslin Alexandre
Chicago Bears, Deslin Alexandre / Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bear prospects who fit continued

The Chicago Bears will have more prospects that they will have invested time with. So if your guy doesn't make this list or the following list, don't worry. I can only follow so much of what is happening around the Bears. There are popular names like Karl Brooks, Felix Anduike-Uzomah, and Tuli Tuipulotu (who wouldn't make the criteria) that aren't on this list because they aren't getting enough buzz from insiders and the Bears organization.

I like those players as much as you, but sometimes silence is the answer. The Bears either have hidden it away from everybody or are less interested than the fan base. Players with whom the Chicago Bears have connections that didn't meet the criteria:

Adetomiwa Adebawore

The workout God (AA) was the most impressive defensive lineman at the NFL Combine. He meets all of the criteria. Most have production concerns. If 48 pressures and seven sacks (in two years) are good enough for Jalen Carter, then 43 pressures and 11 sacks (in two years) should be good enough to like AA.

Zacch Pickens

Zacch Pickens is 10-15 pounds lighter than the pure defensive tackles on the Bears roster but shows the strength, length, and explosive numbers that hit the threshold. Adding 10-15 pounds of muscle shouldn't slow down Pickens and would be easily obtained coming from South Carolina to a professional training facility like Chicago.

Deslin Alexandre

Deslin Alexandre could be a priority-free agent. He fits the criteria but will turn 25 before the season starts. His production and athletism are on point for being a guy the Bears could focus on at the end of the draft.

Jaquelin Roy

Jaquelin Roy is a guy moving up the draft boards. He is very strong and possesses ideal traits for most nose tackles. He could be a guy the Bears look to learn behind Andrew Billings. The similarities are uncanny.