5 Chicago Bears who deserve Pro Bowl consideration

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As the Chicago Bears close out the season, there is not too much to play for. However, the team will double in their wins from last year with another one, and it looks like the roster is in a lot better shape than the year prior. The Chicago Bears have some solid Pro Bowl candidates and some players who almost certainly will be locks for the Pro Bowl. Which players are the most likely to get there?

5. Jaylon Johnson will make the Pro Bowl with the Chicago Bears 

Jaylon Johnson is a lock for the Chicago Bears. The question is whether he will start, and the answer is probably yes. Jaylon Johnson has been one of the premier cornerbacks in the NFL this year. The only thing stopping him at this point is the fan voting because he is not quite the household name. 

Still, he is going to be a first-team All-Pro, and usually, that type of respect gets shown across league circles. Johnson has always had good coverage numbers, but he finally has the ball production on top of that. Johnson has four interceptions this year, including a pick-six. Right now, only Daron Bland has more interceptions. 

When you have the type of ball production, it is what gets the voters to know your name. It hurts his cause that Bland plays for Dallas, a well-known team, and Jalen Ramsey also is getting a lot votes, despite missing time earlier in the season. As of now, Johnson ranks eighth in fan voting, but if he is in the top five amongst the players and coaches, it should lock him onto the roster.