3 positive takeaways from Chicago Bears loss to the Cleveland Browns

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The Chicago Bears lost to the Cleveland Browns in heartbreaking fashion. With two-score leads over the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos and now this loss to the Cleveland Browns, the Bears have three games in which they can say they choked away. The team could easily be in the playoff mix, and now they have three games with little on the line. 

However, there are some positive takeaways from the loss that has to be brought up. 

3. The Chicago Bears have found building blocks on their roster

Last year, the Chicago Bears roster was a complete mess, with question marks everywhere. This year, the team is not winning as much as they would like, but they do have some pieces that are starting to show. D.J. Moore is clearly one of the best receivers in the NFL. 

Even when he did not have a blowup performance, Moore mustered up 50 yards against the elite Browns' defense. He did so playing through injury. You could see he was not completely right, but it set an example as a veteran who is making it happen for the team. 

Montez Sweat had multiple sacks and was a presence all game. He changed the pass rush upfront. DeMarcus Walker has been coming into his own since the sweat trade, as has Gervon Dexter. Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards are more sound now than they were in September, and Jaylon Johnson will come back next year to lead the secondary, even if that is on the franchise tag.

On offense, it looks like they have two talented tackles to join D.J. Moore. Almost all of these players have been added in the last offseason, with Braxton Jones being added last year and Jaylon Johnson being a leftover from the last regime. Still, the core of the roster has been established; the question is now coach and quarterback. Those have to be fixed, but this is not the restart project it was a few years ago.