Chicago Bears must take advantage of this position in the draft

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The Chicago Bears have not been able to add a big-name defensive lineman into the mix. However, that is not surprising because it is rare to see those players hit the market and when they do, they get overpaid. So, the team's plan has to be to win with depth and wear teams down with heavy rotations.

Chicago Bears must draft edge rushers high in 2023 NFL draft

This makes sense, but right now the team does not quite have the depth. They technically can rotate four edge-rushers between Trevis Gipson, Dominique Robinson, DeMarcus Walker, and Rasheem Green, but they could use another legitimate name or two to make the room stronger.

One area that may be perfect to accomplish this is in that run of picks between rounds two and three. They pick 53, 61, and 64, and they have to take an edge rusher with one of those picks.

The reason is that this edge rusher class quietly has some nice options in that zone. These are not complete rushers, and if they were they would go round one. However, in a rotation all of these names can help the team. Beyond that, they are all expected to go in this range.

Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas St. - Pick 41 (Per MockDraftDatabase)

Felix Anudike-Uzomah is the first of six guys projected to go within 15 picks of the Chicago Bears' second-round pick. FAU may end up being the most likely out of their range, but the reality is that with this tier grouped together so tight, any of the following six players could be falling into the 53-64 range. Three of the six do in mock drafts, so If they do not go in this order, FAU is definitely on the table.

B.J. Ojulari, LSU - Pick 46

BJ Ojulari was expected to go higher, but injuries have derailed his draft process. He had a poor Pro Day, but worked out through an injury and probably should have just sat out. Still, that may have opened the door for him to bring some speed to the rotation in round two.

Keion White, Georgia Tech - pick 50

Daniel Jeremiah had White as a top 10 player before the Senior Bowl. Even Jeremiah cooled off of that take, but teams are seeing that he is raw, and unfortunately, older as well. Still, White can play inside and outside, and he is a freak athlete, which is why Jeremiah was high to begin with.

Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame - pick 55

Isaiah Foskey is mocked to a point where he does not have to fall to be a Chicago Bears option. We wrote about his fit with the Chicago Bears, and why his power moves would get him into a rotation immediately.

Tuli Tuipulotu, USC - pick 62

Tuipulotu has a brother in the NFL, so we know that football goes through his whole family. We know that he will always fight hard and buy into coaching. Beyond that, he is an inside-outside rusher, but different than DeMarcus Walker. With Walker, he is more about power, Tuipulotu is better at being shifty with his fit, but still has the size to push inside.

Derick Hall, Auburn - pick 63

Derick Hall is another player who perfectly fits the HITS principle, and he plays from whistle to whistle. He also is more of a speed rusher, which is a nice complement to Walker and Green. His issues come with his size in the run game, but the Bears now have enough run defenders that the rotation could help them out.

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The overall thought is that one of those six edge rushers needs to be on the Chicago Bears. It is hard to see all of them going before pick 53, and the team should improve their rotation by taking whoever falls from this group.