Chicago Bears best plan for fixing defensive line this offseason

Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have not made flashy moves on the defensive line, but they have given it some attention. Between Andrew Billings, Rasheem Green, and DeMarcus Walker you could say that they only added depth, but all three of them will start and upgrade the defensive line from last season.

Beyond that, the Chicago Bears are not done. While they realize they cannot fix the defensive line with a big-name move such as Khalil Mack, they do appear ready to throw a lot of assets at winning the trench wars with depth.

Chicago Bears can add depth to the defensive line

Trevis Gipson, Dominique Robinson, and Justin Jones will join the new three guys in the rotation. They will add another name or two in the draft, which will give them the ability to freshly rotate two full lines of four.

The reality is that you cannot win on the offensive line with depth. Your starting left tackle will play all 60 snaps in a game. However, you can split up the snaps of the players who go against that tackle. In a perfect world, you have that Mack type of player who can go 60 snaps, but that is hard to acquire.

On the flip side, if the Chicago Bears have two or three players who can give 20 to 30 of their best snaps every game, they may end up being able to get similar production. As the one tackle gets tired throughout the game, the rushers in the rotation will be splitting work and getting stronger as they get to the 20-snap mark.

From there, the Chicago Bears can also sub in players based on run or pass downs. Again, this is not something you can do on the offensive line.

This may be another case for the Chicago Bears drafting a tackle at nine, or at least a reason to believe they are considering this.

They can find another couple of guys who are not big names and can join the rotation in rounds two or three. A third-round edge would join Robinson, Gipson, Walker, and Green and they all would get an even split. So, the rookie would not need to play much, but they could get an impact using him on his best snaps.

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The Chicago Bears simply cannot find that by waiting to draft a tackle. They are drafting a player with a weakness and someone who cannot be subbed out if he does start. Does that change the thought process, and does signing someone like Green shows that the team is leaning toward tackle?