WWE star Seth Rollins reveals what Bears should do with no. 9 pick

The die-hard Bears fan and WWE champion weighs in.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

As the Chicago Bears prepare for the 2024 NFL Draft, everyone has their opinion on what the team should do with the pair of first-round picks currently in their possession.

Obviously, we know what the Bears are going to do with that first overall pick. It's Caleb Williams, no question. That's a foregone conclusion.

The real question and debate, now, is what the Bears are going to do at no. 9 overall.

On NFL Network's flagship morning show "Good Morning Football," a lifelong Bears fan and WWE champion weighed in with his thoughts.

Seth Rollins sees a multitude of possibilities for the Bears at no. 9

"The great thing about this ninth pick, right, is, I feel like we're such a complete team," Rollins said. "We're only missing a couple, little things. There is no like, glaring, obvious need. So when you get to nine, you pick the best available, because I don't know how the top 10 is going to shake out."

Rollins, like every other Bears fan, is dreaming of the offensive possibilities with the ninth overall pick.

"If you get to nine, and it's Nabers and he's still there for some reason, or Odunze, or something happens with Marvin Harrison Jr., you gotta take one of those three guys," Rollins said.

If it isn't wide receiver, Rollins seems right in line with most Bears fans in regards to another direction the team could go.

"You could always use a little love on the O-line. Bears could use another edge rusher opposite Montez Sweat. So, there are options, and that's great to have at number nine. I'm kind of wide-open there," he said.

What was most interesting, though, is that Rollins not once mentioned the idea of trading back from no. 9 overall. And, with only four picks in the draft, currently, the thought of trading back is certainly on the minds of many fans.

Yet, there's something to be said about getting another one of those "blue chip" players, like Matt Eberflus loves to refer to. Holding two picks in the top 10 doesn't happen often, and the Bears have one heck of an opportunity in front of them.

Whatever Chicago does with the pick, Rollins is right on with the notion that this Bears team is going to be good. Ryan Poles has this roster in a good position, and adding just a few more talented players could put them over the top.