5 reasons Chicago Bears extending Cole Kmet was an easy decision

When you look into Cole Kmet, his production and his age, it is easy to see why the Chicago Bears extended him.
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Cole Kmet could get a third contract with the Chicago Bears

We have harped on the age with Cole Kmet, and it is hard not to because it is a major factor in the extension. As we noted with some of the top players in the NFL at tight end, a lot of them did not hit their peak until age 27. For Cole Kmet, that may be about the time that he is looking to re-up.

Kmet will be 24 this year. He is signed for his ages 25 through 28 seasons. Those are the prime years. So, the Chicago Bears are betting that good things happen, but more than that, they are betting that they have a shot to make him a mainstay on this franchise.

By the third or fourth year of his extension, the Chicago Bears should either be seeing the best of Kmet or they should be ready to move on. With that in mind, it is easy to see them extending him once again. Guys like Darren Waller, Zach Ertz, and Travis Kelce are showing that careers can extend into your 30s. So, the team may give him another three-year deal after this.

With four years on his rookie salary, four years on this extension, and another one looming, we could be looking at a player who is here for a decade. When Ryan Pace drafted him, that was the hope, and now that Ryan Poles is taking over, he is showing that if you earn it, he will give it to you. This could only be the start of Kmet becoming a household name as a long-time Chicago Bears tight end.