Chicago Bears fans need to avoid this 2024 NFL Draft narrative

Ignore the noise, Bears fans.

NFL Combine
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The Chicago Bears off-season has already been fueled with plenty of narratives.

The debate of the off-season is over. The Bears traded Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers this past off-season, ending a three-month debate that was filled with narrative after narrative about what the team should do at the quarterback position.

Here is the problem, there are still 36 days before the Bears make their selection of Caleb Williams official at the 2024 NFL Draft.

Sure, we can spend most of the nights before then watching Caleb Williams highlights like we did on Monday but there inevitably will be a narrative that interrupts our enjoyment. Robert Griffin III was so bored that his latest narrative will go down as one of the worst sports takes in recent memory.

This would be the reason Bears fans need to prepare for themselves.

Before issuing a public service announcement, let's remember that the simplest answer is often the right answer. Looking back to the decision at the quarterback position, the simplest answer was for the Bears to trade Fields and reset the quarterback contract clock and that is exactly what they decided to do.

We say this because given the amount of time that remains before the 2024 NFL Draft, segments need to be filled, and takes need to be had in order to garner interest. Whether it is Deion Sanders worrying about how Williams will perform in cold weather or the baseless take that Williams is not interested in the Bears, pundits will be eager to get fans to fall for the banana in the tailpipe.

This brings us to our public service announcement, Chicago Bears fans, live above the fray.

The simplest answer remains that Caleb Williams is going to be the next starting quarterback of the Bears. Any narrative or take that suggests otherwise is just trying to stir up ratings in a draft where the first pick is already decided.

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