5 Thoughts following the Chicago Bears 41-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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After spending almost a month traveling on business, I returned home near the Kansas City area over the weekend. I saw several Chiefs fans boarding the same flight, all looking excited about heading to Kansas City to see the game. A lot of my Bears Twitter friends that I follow were also in town celebrating. While I was tempted, after a disastrous week inside Halas Hall, I did not feel like watching this game in person because I did not have any confidence in the Bears.

Justin Fields spoke out about playing "robotic" and wanting to play more freely, only to clarify his remarks immediately. Embattled Alan Williams resigned for health and family reasons, which many found suspicious, and then reports came out Sunday morning that he resigned because it was for inappropriate activity inside Halas Hall.
Yet somehow, the news of struggling left tackle Braxton Jones being placed on IR due to a neck injury was treated like an afterthought.

The Bears were outclassed badly from start to finish by the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon 41-10. After exchanging punts in the first two drives, the Chiefs started to take over the game, and they showed why they are the defending Super Bowl champions. The beatdown of the Bears could be what they were looking for as their offense was struggling after the first two games.

After the loss vs. Chiefs, the Chicago Bears are the worst team in the NFL

The loss on Sunday was a fitting end to what was a terrible week, in which they were a national embarrassment off the field and now they are on the field as well. They keep finding new bottoms every week, which is an accomplishment in itself. This loss brought back the memories of Mark Trestman's team in 2014 when they gave up back-to-back 50 points in a loss against New England and Green Bay. Normally, when a team is this bad, there are consequences like coaches getting fired or players getting benched.
The Bears have long avoided making such moves even in the Trestman years. But after a loss like this today, the Bears must seriously consider firing Eberflus now because they will continue to get worse under his leadership.

Here are my five thoughts following the Bears' 41-10 loss to the Chiefs.