5 Thoughts following the Chicago Bears 41-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Thought No. 2: Justin Fields is broken and will probably never recover

Fields started the game using his legs a little bit more early in the ball game, but as the game went on, the offense called by Luke Getsy started to rear its ugly head and was a massive failure once again. Fields ran 11 times for 47 yards while completing an abysmal 11-for-22 for 99 yards a touchdown and an interception, most of it coming in the second half when the outcome had been decided.

Last week, he said "F*** it" and was going to play freely on Sunday. Instead, he probably thought "F***" after another disappointing performance on Sunday which left him with a record of 5-23. He sounded very defeated after the game which raises questions about his current mental state and just how badly the Bears have messed up who is arguably the most talented quarterback prospect they've ever had.

That sounds more like someone, who is almost ready to call it quits, doesn't it? The constant pounding and offensive malpractice committed under head coach/offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and now Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy have taken their toll. He is doing all he can to find answers or at least be a part of the solution, but his tenure as the starting quarterback is nearing its end.

We went through this with Mitchell Trubisky under Matt Nagy not too long ago and did not learn anything from those mistakes. Once again, this organization has officially destroyed Justin Fields' confidence while failing to develop him properly.