Is Chicago Bears firing Luke Getsy a sign that Justin Fields is safe?

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears made headlines when they fired offensive coordinator Luke Getsy a few days after the end of the regular season. The Bears have huge decisions to make when it comes to their quarterback Justin Fields, and one of them came down to whether the playcaller would be back for them.

The Chicago Bears firing Luke Getsy does not ensure Justin Fields stays

With Getsy gone, does that mean that Justin Fields has a chance to stay as the quarterback? It definitely helps. Getsy never seemed ready to embrace Fields as a quarterback and was always calling plays for what he wished he could do, not what he could do. 

So, the thought is that the Bears would fire Getsy to bring in a quarterback who is more open to calling plays around the skillset of Justin Fields. 

At the same time, the Bears do not want to bring back an offensive coordinator who is on the hot seat and then draft a quarterback first overall. The Bears could not be in a position to want to fire Getsy and give the quarterback his second coordinator in as many years. The rookie quarterback coming in fresh with a new offensive coordinator makes sense.

So, the reality is that whether the Bears keep Justin Fields or draft a quarterback, they were going to want to fire Luke Getsy. If they kept Getsy, the odds of Justin Fields staying had to get really low because we all knew that both would not return. 

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Still, while the odds of Fields returning went from no chance with Getsy to a small chance, it does not mean his job is safe yet. One of the two was not going to return, but the most likely scenario was always that both would be gone.