The Chicago Bears should be in on this defensive tackle if trade rumors are true

Chicago Bears, Jeffery Simmons
Chicago Bears, Jeffery Simmons / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start off by saying, that this is a rumor that has very little credibility. However, I felt the need to at least address it. There are rumors that the Tennesee Titans and their new general manager Ran Carthon are in a "retooling" so to speak. Some are saying rebuild though and that's why the name Jeffery Simmons has hit the rumor mill.

A few weeks ago, Derrick Henry was the talk of Titans' trade rumors. Nothing has come to fruition there and some reports say those trade rumors are rubbish, while others are saying he could be dealt during or closer to the 2023 NFL Draft. A couple of other names rumored to be available on the trade block by the Titans include Ryan Tannehill and Kevin Byard.

If available, the Chicago Bears must be in on a Jeffery Simmons trade

If these rumors are actually true about Jeffery Simmons -- I doubt they are -- then the Chicago Bears must make the call and find out. The rumors are floating around as people have become aware that Simmons removed all of his Tennessee Titans posts and unfollowed the team on Instagram. The thing is, it appears that although some off-the-wall presence on Twitter pushed the narrative today, others are saying that Simmons made these changes weeks ago.

As much as I would love to see Jeffery Simmons in a Chicago Bears uniform, I just don't think these rumors are true. You see, Simmons does not fit the same description as the other three players mentioned. Derrick Henry, Kevin Byard, and Ryan Tannehill are all older veterans who have some trade value but aren't really cornerstone pieces you would expect to see on the Titans' roster in a few years. Simmons on the other hand is 25 years old and easily a top-five defensive lineman. Ran Carthon and the Titans would look foolish to move on from such a player.

Now, I know many Chicago Bears fans will say, but didn't Ryan Poles just do this with Roquan Smith? Smith was a 25-year-old, budding superstar in this league. However, they play very different positions. Off-the-ball linebackers are much easier to replace than top defensive linemen. The Titans exercised the fifth-year option of Jeffery Simmons this year, but they are hoping to come to a contract extension. I just don't see them moving Simmons.

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However, and this is the most important part, Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears must call and find out what it would take. Could the Titans and Chicago Bears make a trade involving the 11th-overall pick and Jefferey Simmons for the 9th-overall pick and something more? Would you make a trade for Simmons or look to find your own version in the 2023 NFL Draft?