Do not expect Chicago Bears to pursue Jonah Williams

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The Cincinnatti Bengals had their starting left tackle asked to be traded, and like moths to the flame, Chicago Bears fans came out calling for their team to be the one who makes the move. While the Bears are not done adding to their offensive line, you really have to turn and twist and make-believe to think the Bears will pursue Jonah Williams.

Chicago Bears unlikely to pursue Jonah Williams

To start, while Williams is a former first-round pick, we have to look at his recent play to realize what he is. He missed his first year, and parts of year two with an injury. His third year was his best, and was mainly passable, and then his fourth year was a huge step back. This is not an elite player, and we saw the Bengals go out of their way to pay Orlando Brown to upgrade over him.

Last season Williams allowed 13 sacks, and the season before he allowed 10. Braxton Jones allowed seven last season. Braxton Jones is 24 years old this season while Williams will be 26, and he already has experience with Justin Fields.

Beyond that comes the contract. Jonah Williams is on a one-year deal to his fifth-year option. Any team trading for him immediately will have to decide if he is worth extending before he even steps on the field. Or, they could rent him for one year and lose him in free agency.

I guess you could say Ryan Poles has done this before since he traded a second round pick for Chase Claypool. However, trading for Jonah Williams is almost exactly the same as trading for Claypool, and you have to think Poles learned his lesson the hard way.

Claypool had a name reputation, but was coming off really bad play, and had a contract extension looming over his head. It appears the Bears are going to let him enter free agency because he has been a disaster for them. They had to go out and add another wide receiver to push him down the totem pole.

Almost the same exact thing would happen with Williams. Everyone would be so happy to have him all summer, then by week three, fans would be stunned they lost a second-round pick for someone who is about 14 games away from being on a new team.

The final issue is that he does not want to play anywhere but left tackle. That is why he is demanding to be traded. So, the Chicago Bears would have to decide to move him or Braxton Jones. Considering Jones is younger and was better last year, that is an awful message to send in adding Jonah Williams.

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The draft compensation is not worth it considering the years on his salary, we saw that. When a team is adamant about upgrading over a player like George Pickens over Claypool, or Orlando Brown over Williams, we do not need the Chicago Bears to run in and overt pay. The Bears needed a wide receiver then just like they need a lineman now, it does make it the right move. When you add up his play, his fit, the compensation, and the past trade of Claypool, it is so hard to see the Chicago Bears make that move.