Justin Fields is broken, but are the Chicago Bears to blame?

Is the Chicago Bears coaching staff to blame for Justin Fields being broken or was he always this way?
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Justin Fields has been over-coached by the Chicago Bears

The problem is, I don't think making that change to his footwork is enough. He now seems gun-shy. That too seems like over-coaching to me. In his rookie season, Fields ripped the ball consistently. He made mistakes of course, but he didn't seem to hesitate when making a decision. Now, he seems to be unwilling to make the big mistake and he holds the ball instead of taking chances. I'd much rather see him trying to make some big throws and turning it over than overthinking and still making mistakes while forcing checkdowns.

We know that Matt Eberflus prefers a conservative game that involves ball control. He doesn't want turnovers and wants to see the clock run out while his defense keeps the score relatively close. That's not it ladies and gentlemen. That type of NFL game has been retired for quite some time now. This Lovie Smith type of team isn't going to work in today's NFL. Ryan Poles made a mistake in hiring Matt Eberflus as his head coach. If he was forced into it, we will never know. However, I hope that he gets an opportunity to rectify that problem and hire someone who focuses on scoring.


For now, my hope is that Luke Getsy is removed from his position and Andrew Janocko takes over. We have seen situations like this happen before and I wonder if it could happen again. Dan Campbell didn't hesitate to strip his offensive coordinator from his play-calling duties and Matt Eberflus should consider doing the same. Justin Fields isn't blameless. He has things he needs to improve on and I thought this season we'd see that. However, he's not getting help with the playbook and someone needs to find a way to reset him before he's to the point where he's not only broken but also unrepairable.