9 most likely trade partners for Chicago Bears to send Justin Fields

DraftKings released the odds for which team Justin Fields will play for next season, and the Chicago Bears are first. Which other teams are in the running?

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Chicago Bears trade partner No. 9: Tennessee Titans (+4000 odds)

The Tennessee Titans recently got rid of their coach, so does that indicate a potential move with the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields?

Will Levis, a second-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, showed promise as the Titans quarterback moving forward. He has some work to do, as most young quarterbacks do, so it seems unlikely that the Bears trade Justin Fields to the Titans. The 40:1 odds make sense here.

Titans fans, don't hold your breath. You might as well ride with your mayo-loving quarterback.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 8: Washington Commanders (+3000 odds)

The Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears have been linked together for trades recently, but they haven't included Justin Fields.

Most of the recent trade rumors between the Commanders and Bears include the first overall pick, as Caleb Williams and new offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury spent time working together prior. The connection makes sense, but the Chicago Bears would have to like one of the other quarterbacks— or Justin Fields— equally as much as Caleb Williams to feel like trading the No. 1 pick.

It seems unlikely to me that the Commanders would trade with the Chicago Bears for anything besides the No. 1 pick. A trade for Justin Fields here feels unlikely. Another situation where the odds, 30:1, make sense.

Chicago Bears trade partner No. 7: Minnesota Vikings (+2200 odds)

The Minnesota Vikings are in a situation with their quarterback Kirk Cousins that could end up in Justin Fields being traded from the Chicago Bears to Minnesota. It's not super likely, given the 22:1 odds, but it makes a little more sense than the last couple, given the context.

Kirk Cousins is coming off a season-ending torn Achilles, and with the Minnesota Vikings having a good team around that position, could Justin Fields be who they want running their offense?

The Vikings have had three seasons to play against him twice per year, and that is valuable scouting. It's either enough to sell them on Justin Fields, or it's enough to keep them away entirely. With Fields' game being so inconsistent, it's hard to predict how well he's going to play on a week-by-week basis.

Will the Vikings make the move, or is Kirk Cousins the guy moving forward?