Chicago Bears latest move may confirm a popular Justin Fields theory

Build the team as a way to elevate Justin Fileds.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears trade for Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen has many fans drooling over the thought that the team's offense may be among the best in the NFC next season.

There have been many false narratives shared regarding Ryan Poles and his approach, however, one criticism that has merit is the lack of support Poles has provided Justin Fields.

In the two seasons that Poles has overseen with Fields as his starting quarterback, D.J. Moore was the only legitimate playmaker added with the idea of assisting in the development of Fields.

That would be the reason why last season, when it became clear that the Bears were going to be in a position to have the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, many fans have been theorizing that Poles elevate Fields' play by adding playmakers to the roster.

The idea behind the theory was that while Fields may have his limitations as a passing quarterback, he could be in a position to succeed with improved talent at the skill positions.

Ryan Poles may be leaning into a popular Chicago Bears' fan theory.

While the Bears have yet to make a decision regarding the quarterback position, Poles' moves this off-season may lend credence to the theory that many fans have been pushing.

In this theory, many fans have called for Poles to build the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFC North. With the addition of running back D'Andre Swift, the Bears now have the starting running back from the 2023 Eagles.

In following the Eagles' blueprint, Poles has now provided the Bears' offense with two Pro Bowl wide receivers in Allen and Moore.

If the Bears are indeed moving forward with Fields as their starting quarterback, Poles has hit a home run with the moves that he made this past week.

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