Who will be Chicago Bears leading rusher in the fantasy football playoffs?

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Pros and Cons to Chicago Bears leading with Roschon Johnson 

As we noted, Johnson is currently the hot hand of the three. He is better than Herbert over the last two weeks and is much healthier than Foreman. Johnson is also a rookie, so the experience would not only benefit him in the long term, but his development would benefit the Chicago Bears. 

Johnson provides exactly what you would expect. He is the best pass protector of the group and has as many pass protection snaps as Formema and Herbert combined. That is despite having fewer snaps overall than both. Johnson averages 1.06 yards per route run, while Herbert is at 1.01, and Foreman is at 0.75.

When you take away screen passes, Johnson has 17 catches for 107 yards, while Herbert has just 11 catches for 56 yards, and Foreman has just six catches for 26 yards. It is obvious that Johnson is better in all passing scenarios. If they want to get him experience on early downs, and he is the best on late downs, what is the debate?

The issue is that he has the lowest yards per rush of the group and the lowest explosive run rate. Some of that could be because 60% of his runs come between the tackles, while Foreman and Herbert are both below 50%. 

Do the Bears need a bit more of an explosive element and a threat to take things outside from their leading rusher?