5 Chicago Bears who may have locked down roster spots in preseason week 2

A couple of former UDFAs and a couple of free agent signings headline the list of players who are locking down their roster spot with the Chicago Bears

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The preseason is all about the depth players and the back end of the roster players having a chance to prove themselves. That is why the Chicago Bears still had so much to take away from the second preseason game, even after announcing Justin Fields was out. The game is more about those fringe guys getting their chances.

Who were the players on the Chicago Bears roster that may have locked things down this week?

5. Terrell Lewis is making a strong case for the Chicago Bears roster

The Chicago Bears edge rusher group is one of the most interesting to watch over the coming weeks. The first two weeks have given us plenty to discuss as things are starting to clear up. First, we know that DeMarcus Walker and Yannick Ngakoue are the locks for the roster, and they will start this year.

Then, Rasheem Green and Dominique Robinson appear to be ahead, with Terrell Lewis and Trevis Gipson making the case to be kept at the back end. While Gipson had the highest high in week one of the preseason, the best rusher of the group from May through now has been Lewis.

Lewis was the primary winner at OTAs and was listed over Gipson on the initial depth chart. During the best game that Gipson had, Lewis had two sacks. Then, as Gipson was not as good in week two, Lewis added another strip sack.

More than that, the team brought in Lewis on a third down ahead of Gipson. It was a NASCAR package where Rasheem Green slid inside and rushed next to Gervon Dexter with Dominique Robinson and Lewis on the edges.

He has been a winner too often all summer to cut now. Terrell Lewis has done enough to get on the 53-man roster.