5 biggest risers after Chicago Bears offseason-programs

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago Bears finalized their offseason program and now are looking ahead to the start of the 2023 season with training camp. While jobs are never won or lost in OTAs or minicamps, the foundation can be set in these days. So, while some players did more than expected or may be in for a bigger shot in training camp, all the moves are minor and only point toward the next time the group gets together.

Who are five players who may have beat expectations so far?

5. Lucas Patrick is still getting work with the Chicago Bears ones

The Chicago Bears are telling us that there is no competition at center. However, when Nate Davis showed up, and all of the starters were there, there was only one of the five positions where somebody was not taking every single snap with the ones. It was center.

Cody Whitehair is the starter, and the Chicago Bears have said that from the start. Still, Lucas Patrick is getting work with the starters, and that is at least something to feel good about if you are him. It could be that the Bears are telling us the truth, and Whitehair is locked in.

Patrick may just be getting the work because they know the injury history of Whitehair and do not want to give him too much work this early in the summer.

At the same time, we could see them show up to training camp with a full split and a potential competition. The fact that this is open for discussion is a win for Lucas Patrick. Patrick was supposed to be the starter at this time last year, and while most fans wrote him off, he may still be in the mix.