5 Chicago Bears who may have locked down roster spots in preseason week 2

A couple of former UDFAs and a couple of free agent signings headline the list of players who are locking down their roster spot with the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Travis Homer
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3. Travis Homer is back to winning a roster spot on the Chicago Bears

Travis Homer was a big loser in the initial preseason game because he was listed behind Trestan Ebner. Roschon Johnson has passed him as well, so he was the last running back on the depth chart. Technically, he was the last running back again this week because Ebner was out.

Still, he got on the field early, and he performed. He looks better than Ebner at this point, and that is because he probably is. More than that, he saw a big special teams role and made a major tackle as well.

This is huge for Homer because special teams are the majority fo the reason he is here. He was great in this area with the Seattle Seahawks. However, in week one, he did not get much work in that phase, which was surprising since he was not getting much offensive work, either.

It was a clear sign Ebner may be ahead. However, Homer provides more on special teams than Ebner provides in any phase. If one of these two backs make it, it almost has to be Travis Homer.