The Chicago Bears were all losers in Week 3 versus the Chiefs

What would normally be a normal winners and losers list has turned into a "the entire team and franchise is a loser" rant after the Chicago Bears got embarrassed in one of their worst efforts in recent memory against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Chicago Bears played one of the worst football games from any NFL team this season, rivaling the Week 1 New York Giants and the Week 3 Denver Broncos. In what really was a shutout, besides some pity points late in the game, the Bears fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 41-10 on the road.

Nobody expected the Bears to win this game. The Chiefs are the defending champs and they are still one of the elite teams in the game. All anyone could ask is that the Bears showed effort, and energy, and competed as hard as they could to put up a fight. None of that happened. It was a complete dud laid by all parts of this team, and fans are left questioning their loyalty and begging for any type of change at all.

Sure, I could've scrapped a couple of "winners" together because Jack Sandborn got an interception off of Blaine Gabbert and Roschon Johnson got number one reps, but that is not how you get on the stud list. The only winners today were Taylor Swift fans and those looking to secure a number-one pick for the second straight year.

The Chicago Bears coaching staff is the start of the problem

First and foremost, it starts with coaching. While there is still a clear lack of talent at key positions on this team, there is enough talent here to be at least competitive at this point in the season. If the Arizona Cardinals with a rookie head coach, a career backup as a starting quarterback, and number-one pick expectations can beat the red-hot Dallas Cowboys, then there is no excuse for the Bears not being able to put at least a decently competitive effort against the Chiefs. There is no fight in this team, there is no belief, there is no identity, and that starts with Matt Eberflus.

Eberflus was brought in because of his reputation as a football mind defensively and because the Bears believed in his vision and plan for the team going forward. They fell in love with his H.I.T.S. principles and high expectations for his players and made him the CEO of the team. Ryan Poles gave Eberflus the keys to the rebuild and the development of Justin Fields. Twenty games into his career as a head coach he is 3-17 and has not won a game since Week 7 of last season. I think most Bears fans, and hopefully, Bears executive management, agree that it's time for a change.

There is bad football, and then there is the product that is the Chicago Bears right now. They have no confidence in their quarterback, and he has not also done much to earn more confidence. The offensive line is in shambles, and the "revamped" defense looks worse than ever.

Yet, there are still talented players on this team. Fields, D.J. Moore, Cole Kmet, Tremaine Edmunds, Jaylon Johnson, and Jaquon Brisker are all very good football players. There are plenty of other talented players here too, but they are not playing to their level. Coaching has failed them and now it looks like they have given up. Eberflus has lost his locker room, and everything that made him an appealing head coach has gone out of the window.

He took over playcalling over the last two weeks with the resignation of DC Alan Williams. The defense has looked terrible with him calling the plays. They put up no fight against the Chiefs and he refused to make adjustments to throw Patrick Mahomes off his game. The bigger problem with this is that this team is in no position to have their head coach solely focused on the defense.

However, they insisted on bringing in a defensive head coach and the development of the offense has suffered because of it. He was supposed to be a defensive guru and yet the defense has also regressed with more talent than they had last year.