3 reasons Chicago Bears must make Matt Eberflus the first coach fired

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The Chicago Bears were embarrassed by the Kansas City Chiefs. It appears that every four years, the team will get the ugly reminder from Patrick Mahomes that they pass over him as they he consistently makes them regret that. This was somehow worse than him doing this against Mitch Trubisky and counting to ten after another big touchdown.

Matt Eberflus is only in his second NFL season as a head coach, but he already looks lost and over his head. The Bears need to fire him sooner rather than later.

3. The Chicago Bears defense keeps getting worse

This is by far the biggest issue on the field. You can say what you want about Matt Eberflus and his ability to help Justin Fields, but Eberflus did not draft Fields. Eberflus is supposed to be the defensive mind. What is crazy is that despite being known for this, the Bears still dumped resources into his unit to spite the offense.

Second-round picks include Jaquan Brisker, Kyler Gordon, Gervon Dexter, and Tyrique Stevenson. Zacch Pickens was taken in the early third. The big-name free agent was Tremaine Edmunds, and they even added TJ Edwards to make sure their linebackers were some of the best in the NFL.

All of this, and the defense is somehow worse than the year before. When things were bad in the first season, it made sense because Eberflus did not have the resources. Now he does and things are still bad, if not getting worse.

Eberflus is now hurting them in two ways. They put resources into his defense, and his defense is not good. So, not only is he hurting the defense, but all of the investments he made failing are being taken away from the offense. Eberflus should have loaded the offense with talent and then coached the defense up from the bottom because that was his specialty. Instead, he loaded up an awful defense and made the offense suffer. These things get you fired.