The Chicago Bears find a way to beat the Vikings despite a trifecta of atrocity

It is pretty amazing how the Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. They were the first team to find a way to win despite these three negative factors.

Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. It was the first time the Bears have beaten an NFC North opponent since Matt Eberflus took over as head coach. Things have been rough for this Eberflus lead team. Part of it was the teardown during the Ryan Poles' rebuilding process, but there have been many signs that Eberflus cannot handle being a head coach in the NFL.

I will admit that he has at least proven why he is one of the better defensive-minded coaches though. He has turned the defense around over the last few weeks, granted they have seen some weaker opponents during that span too.

Just a week ago, the Chicago Bears made history, in a bad way, against the Detroit Lions. Prior to the Bears' loss to the Lions, teams were 48-0 when possessing the ball for 40+ minutes and winning the turnover battle by three or more. Put them in the history books as the only team to lose over the last 91 years when those factors are in play. Yikes!

Now, the Chicago Bears found a way to make history again, but at least time it is in a good way — kind of. The victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 12 was the first time that a team won on the road in the Super Bowl era despite not scoring a touchdown, having 75 or more yards in penalties, and losing more than one fumble. Prior to the Bears victory, road teams were 0-46.

The Bears looked to dominate both the Lions and the Vikings, but only beat the Vikings — and clearly in an ugly fashion. It is hard to be a Chicago Bears fan these days. They let you down for multiple weeks and then find ways to win when you think they are going to lose and pull you back in. With a record of 4-8, the team is guaranteed to be better than they were last season.


Honestly, they should be 5-7 or 6-6 at worst. This team doesn't know how to win though and that's one reason why I cannot get on board with truly tanking. Too many of these players will be here over the next couple of years to just tank. Now, I want to see this team start stacking wins and making history in an even more positive light than just this unique victory.