Why Chicago Bears could sign this free agent tight end

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The Chicago Bears are very likely to sign a tight end in free agency. They may try to re-sign Trevon Wesco, but Ryan Griffin is likely to be gone, so the team has to try to upgrade that spot. One free agent to keep an eye on is Maxx Williams.

Should Chicago Bears sign Maxx Williams in free agency?

Maxx Williams is not a premier tight end, but he has sustained a nine-year NFL career. He signed a one-year deal for less than $2M last season, so this will be a signing the team can easily afford. Beyond that, he just so happens to know the Chicago Bears tight ends coach well.

Jim Dray was the Arizona Cardinals tight ends coach for two seasons before he went to the Chicago Bears. So, he spent two seasons with Maxx Williams already. It is clear the team liked what Dray did with Williams because they signed him after Dray left.

Now, with a new General Manager and coach in Arizona, Maxx Williams could be a fit with the Chicago Bears.

Maxx Williams has not lived up to his expectations coming out of the NFL draft when he went in the second round. His receiving production never came, but he lasted so long in the NFL because he is such a trusted blocer.

For his career, Williams has played 2,441 total snaps and he spent 1,510 snaps blocking. So, he has been blocking for 62% of his snaps. That is definitely apart of why his production never came.

Still, it speaks to why he is a fit with the Chicago Bears. Trevon Wesco is a good blocker, but much better on the move, and even lining up in the h-back role. Williams would be the better end of the line blocker who can hold his own.

Still, between the two, it would mean using Cole Kmet a lot more in the slot. This reduces the need for more wide receivers and increases the ability to get the most out of him next season.

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It makes sense off of the field, it makes in terms of salary and it makes sense on the field, so there is momentum toward Maxx Williams being a fit with the Chicago Bears.