Chicago Bears Mock Draft: A potential perfect draft weekend

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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We have done plenty of mock drafts, but we saved the best for last. This would be the mock draft that ends up getting an A+. It would hit all the needs, and it is realistic enough that it is what a lot of fans should root for. With that in mind, what is the best outcome?

1. Paris Johnson, OT, Ohio State, after a trade down

Fans will see Paris Johnson at pick nine, and think that they have seen this before, but how nice would it be if they could trade down, and still get Paris Johnson? In this scenario, it would be a typical top nine as usual, with one big caveat. That being that a quarterback is still on the board.

So, the Tennessee Titans see that they can pivot from Ryan Tannehill, and it just takes moving up two spots. The Chicago Bears can pick up a little bit, perhaps making this mock draft better, and they only have to move down two spots.

The Titans moving up for a quarterback may help, as does the idea that the Houston Texans may be sitting at 12 with eyes on a tackle.

Let's play it out that they trade down to 11. The Titans go with a quarterback at nine, and the Eagles take Peter Skoronski at 10. So, the Chicago Bears were not going to take a quarterback, and they may have Skoronski graded as a guard due to his length.

Two players they may not have taken anyways are off the board, and they still get the guy that they wanted. Even in a scenario that the Texans are the ones who move up, if the Titans take Lukas Van Ness or Jaxon Smith-Njgba, the Bears could still move down and grab Paris Johnson. That is the perfect outcome.