Chicago Bears Mock Draft 3.0: Jalen Carter smoke picks up

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During the first two versions of our mock draft, we went with offensive tackles with the ninth overall pick. However, in recent days, there has been some smoke picking up toward Jalen Carter being the preferred target for the Chicago Bears.

So, this mock draft will be taking a look at how different the board may look if they go with a position other than tackle. If you want to see the mocks with a tackle, check them out here.

Chicago Bears Round 1, Pick 9, Jalen Carter, DL, Georgia

This one could be labeled a no-brainer. While some fans will be put off by the decision, the reality is that they met the prospect and we did not. What we can see on tape shows that he is an elite prospect. By most accounts, he is the best prospect in the draft.

There was an argument that the team could take him number one overall, and now they may have been able to trade down, get a huge haul, and get the same player they wanted with the first pick. Obviously, some things changed in order for that to happen, but it still seems like too good of a pick to simply disregard.

The Chicago Bears have been looking for that 3-technique in the middle of their defense for a while now. Paris Johnson may be the safer bet, but Jalen Carter is by far the biggest bet on the top talent in the draft.

Chicago Bears Round 2, Pick 53, Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin

This is the only repeat pick from the last mock draft, and that is mainly because it just makes so much sense. The fit is too good, his projected range is right here, and whenever you do a mock draft, you find Joe Tippmann here.

It is hard to find a starting center who could come in next season, and passing on one when he may be the best player on the board to hope for a chance to take one later seems mis guided. When the Chicago Bears said that Cody Whitehair was their starting center it was a sign that the team needed to draft a center.

Whitehair is at the age and injury status where it is hard to see him getting through a full season, and even if he can, the play has declined from the last time he was at center. Whitehair could potentially hold it down for a week or two, but they need someone who can play next season. Tippmann fits perfectly.