Chicago Bears Mock Draft 2.0: Post Pro Days

Kyle Robertson-USA TODAY Sports
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Now that the Pro Days are about wrapped up and teams are in the home stretch of the 2023 NFL draft preparation we will do another Chicago Bears mock draft. This will be trying to predict what they will do more than what we would do in this situation. We are using PFF for the big board to create a pool of players, so if you do not think a player will be there, blame them, not me.

With that all said, who could the Chicago Bears walk away with?

Round 1, 9th overall: Paris Johnson Jr. OT, Ohio State

Last mock draft we did Broderick Jones, so why not do one featuring Paris Johnson? The vibe has gotten even stronger that the Chicago Bears will go tackle here. They will get to take the first tackle, and Paris Johnson may be proving that he is just that.

The team saying Braxton Jones could move to right tackle before the draft tells you that left tackle is on the table during the draft. Paris Johnson is the type of no-brainer top-ten pick that you put at left tackle for the foreseeable future.

With Johnson, you add an elite left tackle, and with Jones, you still probably upgrade at right tackle, even after he switches sides. It will likely be one or the other, so why not kick things off by selecting Broderick Jones in the first mock, and Paris Johnson now?