Chicago Bears Mock Draft: A potential perfect draft weekend

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Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter

2. Gervon Dexter, DL, Florida

If the Chicago Bears cannot draft Jalen Carter in the first round, this is the next best option as a three-technique. The Bears brought Dexter into Halas Hall, and it is probably because they want to see how much they can get out of Dexter.

There are spurts and moments when it looks like Dexter is as good as it gets. He is powerful, explodes off of the line of scrimmage, and makes plays in the backfield. There are too many inconsistent snaps, though.

He plays high at times and does not finish. The question with Dexter is whether there is more to get out of him. Chris Jones fell to round two with similar questions, and Ryan Poles saw firsthand that betting the upside worked out. The name Chris Jones is mentioned because the same coaching staff that brought him up at Mississippi State also coached Dexter at Florida.

The two had similar careers in similar roles at college, and now it is up to Ryan Poles to see if he sees the same things in Gervon Dexter that the Chiefs saw in Chris Jones. If he can get that type of player in round two, Matt Eberflus will be a big fan.