Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles adds another first-rounder, builds up trenches

The Chicago Bears make multiple trades, adding a third first-round pick. Poles ends up with five picks in the top 100 and adds help in the trenches.

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Caleb Williams
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1.01: Caleb Williams, QB | USC

I am tired of hearing certain fans paint a picture that there is the slightest possibility that Ryan Poles still trades the first-overall pick to the Commanders and selects Jayden Daniels. I've even seen some on social media claiming that Daniels is not only the top prospect in the draft, but that Williams isn't even top three. This has to stop.

Even if you think Jayden Daniels is a great prospect in this year's draft class, no one should be putting him ahead of Caleb Williams. Williams has the highest ceiling among the QBs in this draft class. His floor seems very high as well. Personally, I have Daniels as the fifth-best quarterback in the draft class, but I can also see why anyone would love the idea of what he could become. He has some elite traits, especially his legs, but he is vastly undersized and doesn't have the frame to bulk up enough to stay healthy if he sustains multiple hits a game. I also find him too inconsistent.

Caleb Williams can extend plays with his legs while also keeping his eyes downfield. He has the ability to throw from all angles. He is the clear choice for the Chicago Bears at 1.01 and it wouldn't make any sense for them to draft Daniels who is simply a smaller version with a less accurate deep ball compared to Justin Fields. For a more complete analysis of Caleb Williams, go back to my last mock draft.


  • Arm strength
  • Ability to make off-platform throws
  • Pocket presence
  • Escapability that leads to off-scripted success
  • Keeps eyes downfield
  • Self-confidence
  • Football IQ
  • Ability to lead receivers with anticipation


  • Holds onto the ball too long at times
  • Refuses to take the short, easy throws