Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles trades down twice early, doubles up at WR

The Chicago Bears do not have many draft picks to use in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they do have two picks inside the top 10. Ryan Poles is building something he views as special and to do that, he will need to continue to build through the draft. Poles trades down twice to acquire more draft capital but still comes away with a nice haul of talent.

Chicago Bears, Keon Coleman
Chicago Bears, Keon Coleman / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears trade down again, this time with the Eagles

Ian Cunningham brings a nice inside connection to the Philadelphia Eagles front office. That connection probably helped last year when the Chicago Bears traded down from nine to 10 — passing on Jalen Carter for Darnell Wright. Well, that connection is back as I decided to move down again from 18.

Chicago Bears trade 1.18

Eagles Receive:

Bears Receive:

While on the clock at 18, there were a few players I was interested in. Jared Verse was off the board or I would have considered him. He is still my top defensive end prospect. That said, if you remember, I was only focusing on offense in this mock draft. With a few options on the table and the Eagles calling to make a trade-up, I decided it was worth it to move back one more time. Moving down from 18 to 22 wasn't a drastic difference based on who was available and how I had them in my tiered rankings. Adding another pick inside the top 100 was a fantastic outcome.

I recently wrote an article about how difficult it might be for the Chicago Bears to improve at the wide receiver position. Seeing that only four receivers were off the board at this point was actually a breath of fresh air.