3 most important factors in a Justin Fields MVP season

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears are a definitively different team than they were a year ago, and it is evident by the way training camp is going thus far.

The energy is different. The vibe, attitude and how the players are carrying themselves... it's all different.

One big reason why there is some hope? Justin Fields.

The third-year quarterback is primed, more than ever before, to break out this year. He has added weapons. He has a bolstered offensive line. He's learning this offense more and more in Year 2. He's got so much belief behind him, that, he is currently receiving an absurd amount of NFL MVP bets.

Can Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields win the NFL MVP this season?

We now look a bit further into just what it will take for Fields to play at an MVP level, starting with the big guys.

1. Offensive Line

For a good portion of last season, Fields actually enjoyed over 3.0 seconds, on average, to throw the ball. He was up there toward the top of the league in time-to-throw, which is surprising considering how bad the offensive line looked, overall.

Obviously, a good explanation behind the shocking stat could be that Fields was able to easily escape pressure and many times throw on the run. But, Bears fans know just how bad the line was as a whole.

Now with adding Darnell Wright and Nate Davis, getting Cody Whitehair back and healthy, along with seeing Teven Jenkins a natural at guard, the hopes for this offensive line are much higher. And, above everything else, it's the offensive line that is going to help Fields play at an MVP level.

We know he's capable of the big plays, whether it be with his legs or the big arm. What he needs more than anything is protection.