3 must-see videos from Chicago Bears training camp so far

  • Big-time interception
  • QB1 locked in
  • A whole different mindset

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Justin Fields has been the talk of training camp

Is everyone ready for the real Justin Fields breakout? I sure hope so, and these two throws are just a glimpse of what we could see on a regular basis when the season kicks off.

The first pass was absolutely perfect ball placement by Fields, where only Mooney could get it. Fields threw it in front of Mooney's body, so the defensive back had no shot at making a play, and Mooney just had to hold on.

Mooney has looked strong in camp, and healthy, which is a huge positive. People talk a lot about Moore, but Mooney is one of the better WR2 options in the league, and with pressure taken off by the presence of Moore, Mooney is set to really relish his opportunities this year.

That second throw from Fields to Moore was a tad short, but Moore did a heck of a job turning around and ensuring he was the one who made a move on the ball. There have been other throws to Moore, throughout camp, that have been right on the money.

The Fields-to-Moore connection has been the talk of camp, and fans cannot wait to see it flourish in the regular season.