What Chicago Bears must watch from the 2024 NFL Combine quarterbacks

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As the Chicago Bears get ready to head to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, there will be plenty of questions for the team to get answered in that short amount of time. The team will be talking to players from every position, but this is a strong time for them to iron out their stance on the quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL draft. What do the Bears need to see this week?

What Chicago Bears must watch from the 2024 NFL Combine quarterbacks? 

Does Caleb Williams stand out as the number one overall pick?

This should be the time that the Bears get all of the information needed on Caleb Williams. They will get his medicals and physical measurements, and they will talk to him and his teammates. More than that, after the NFL Combine hours, there will be discussions with agents, coaches, and other teams, just gathering all of the information possible with every team in the same location. 

As long as Caleb Williams shows up, does what he is expected to do, and there are not any questionable answers, whether behind closed doors or in the media, the discussion coming out of the NFL Combine next week should be that Williams is set to be the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. 

Can these other top passers close the gap and make the Chicago Bears decision harder?

The NFL Combine is about the risers and fallers, and that is not any different with the quarterback. It would be an upset if the Chicago Bears did not draft Caleb Williams, but the team does have options at quarterback if they do sour this week. Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and JJ McCarthy are all going to be discussed in the top ten, and all of them would be rated higher in this draft if it were not for Williams. 

The Chicago Bears will meet with all three, they will watch all three throw, and they will do their homework on all of them, as they can meet with each player up close and personal, all in the same week. This should strengthen their stance on these passers. 

Do any other passers catch the Chicago Bears' eye as a third quarterback?

The odds are that Caleb Williams will go first overall, and the team has Tyson Bagent as a backup. However, they do need a third quarterback. While the Bears room is so young it may be smart to sign a veteran, they could also draft another quarterback on day three or amongst the UDFA marks. 

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