5 Chicago Bears on the naughty list this Christmas

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4. Remember when Chase Claypool played for the Chicago Bears?

Do you remember when the Chicago Bears had Chase Claypool? It feels so long ago that it is hard to believe that he played for the Bears just this season. He did, and he got out of there just as fast. Claypool is what the naughty list is for. First, he missed too much time due to minor injuries. Then, his effort was poor on the field. 

Lastly, the Bears told him to stay home before trading him to the Miami Dolphins for a late-round pick swap. If Claypool went on to have immense success on the Dolphins, this would not be as fun to discuss. However, he has hardly played for them. He has three catches for 23 yards since being added by Miami. Last week, the Dolphins did not have Tyreek Hill, and Claypool still ran fewer routes than Braxton Berrios and Cedrick Wilson. 

It is bad for the Chicago Bears to have even added him, but this year, he is the one of the naughty lists.