5 Chicago Bears who need the bye week the most

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3. The Chicago Bears running backs could all use time off 

The Chicago Bears will have an interesting question to answer when it comes to which player will lead the way at running back moving forward. All three have a case, but all three could use this week off to get back into the swing of things. 

Khalil Herbert had been the top rusher for the first five weeks of the season. However, he injured his ankle in week five and missed five games. In the two games since he has been back, he has just 59 yards rushing on 22 carries. He needs an extra week to get readjusted and finish the year healthy and on the same page as his line. 

Roschon Johnson has started to gain momentum. He had a concussion that sidelined him for two games, and being a rookie, the Bears have eased him in as it is. Still, week 12 was his highest snap rate and the most carries he had all year. Now, the Bears have a late bye week to give their rookie some rest and get him a more significant role to close the year. The Bears have to have an incentive to get him more involved. 

Lastly, there is D’onta Foreman. Foreman may have been the best runner of the three on a down-in, down-out basis. However, he is the oldest and has the least commitment to him. Beyond that, he is coming off an ankle injury. The bye week is huge because he was limited in practice last week. There is a real chance he is healthy enough to play after the bye. All three could use this rest, and all three could come out of it at their best.