4 Chicago Bears who need to get more playing chances

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 1-5, and they hold the first and second overall picks as they stand. This is a good chance for the team to look in the mirror and realize that the rest of this season is about the future, and the wins and losses do not matter as much. So, the team needs to try to get younger and see what they have. Who are some players who may benefit from that?

4. It is time to see what Tyler Scott can bring the Chicago Bears

When the Chicago Bears drafted Tyler Scott in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL draft, many saw him as the longer-term replacement for Darnell Mooney. Scott has been slow to step into a role, partly because he is taking on a lot of new information but also because the Bears have not had to lean on a day-three rookie this early into the year. Now, they are starting to need to.

The Chicago Bears traded Chase Claypool and put Equanimeous St. Brown on the IR. They do not want him in the role as the outside, blocking wide receiver, but that is where he lined up last week. Scott went from averaging about eight routes per game to running 20 routes against the Minnesota Vikings.

He was mostly on the outside, but that is where he played in college, as he was just transitioning into the slot to replace Mooney. Still, the team should start to make that switch when the Bears go to two wide receiver sets. Mooney is working back from an injury, but he has shown little and he is not signed beyond this year.

Scott finally took over the third wide receiver spot, and no one is coming for that. Now, he has the number two job in his sights, and the Bears could start to get him some of the snaps that Mooney was taking.