3 things officially over for the Chicago Bears after Minnesota Vikings loss

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The Chicago Bears like to keep fans invested and then pull the rug out from under them. Sitting at 1-4, the Bears were playing good football and had a light part of their schedule coming up. Was there a chance for the team to get closer to .500 and at least stay in the mix of competing?

The Bears quickly answered that with a no. A loss to the Vikings shot them back to 1-5 and out of contention for good. What else is over for this team?

3. The Justin Fields era with the Chicago Bears will not happen

This year was a make-or-break season for Justin Fields. It is officially time to say that it is broken, almost like his hand currently feels. Justin Fields could not grip a football, so he could not come back to the game as the Chicago Bears lost to the Minnesota Vikings with Tyson Bagent leading the way.

Fields may miss time, and that may be for the best for both sides. It looks like this marriage is not going to last, and the Bears are going to take a quarterback in the upcoming draft. As they stand now, they not only have the second overall pick, they have the Panthers pick, which is first overall. They cannot only add a quarterback but also pair him with a legitimate defender or playmaker. This could change the Bears' future.

However, it does not include Justin Fields. You can blame the coaching, the offensive line, and the playmakers, but it does not matter. Fields had to show something this year. He played well against two bad defenses and has been a disaster beyond that. The Vikings' defense lacks talent, but they are well-coached, and Justin Fields looked overwhelmed. In year three, that cannot happen, no matter what the excuses are.

If he misses time, the losses will continue to pile up. That makes it more likely that whatever he does to close out the season is not enough.