5 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders

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The Chicago Bears won a game that felt like a lot of stress was relieved. The team had been dying to win a game after 14 straight losses and four straight losses this season. So, it was good to see not only a win but a 20-point win when the team scored 40 points. It was a performance where all phases showed up for a dominant win.

Still, despite the win, there are going to be some fans who think this is a turning point or that Justin Fields is now fixed after two big games. What are some realities that need to be faced despite the win?

5. The Chicago Bears defense still cannot be trusted

You know it, and I know it. We all had the same feeling when the Washington Commanders had the football trailing 27-11. The Bears were down by 16, which feels like a lot, but for the Chicago Bears, it is a question of how this team can give up two touchdowns and two two-point conversions. That would be so Bears, and the Commanders already converted their first two-point conversion.

Even after the defense got a stop, there was a moment when the Bears were up 30-20, and Washington was driving again. Surely, Washington would score, get the ball back and threaten. A Greg Stroman sack led to a field goal in the first situation, and in the second, the Commanders missed a field goal.

Still, the Chicago Bears' defense scares the life out of their fans. Even when the Chicago Bears had a 27-3 lead, it felt like the offense needed to put their foot on the gas. The offense felt like they needed 40. they did not tonight, but this is still a questionable defense, and Washington was a play or two away from 30 points with ease.