4 Chicago Bears who need to get more playing chances

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Gervon Dexter Sr.
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3. The Chicago Bears need to play Gervon Dexter more

One of the weirdest things to occur in the Chicago Bears' loss to the Minnesota Vikings was the lack of playing time for rookie Gervon Dexter. Dexter had the best game of his career against the Washington Commanders. He played more snaps than ever and was getting after the quarterback consistently. Beyond that, he had shown some growth in the run game.

So, the reward was dropping his snaps right back down. Justin Jones played well, and Dexter usually plays when the Bears have a lead, but that needs to change. At this point, it does not matter what Jones does because he is a free agent after this. In a perfect world, the Bears start Dexter in that role next year and let Jones walk. So, why not let Dexter get more work next to Andrew Billings?

The Bears are concerned about his run defense, but they are already losing games, so they may as well give him experience and see how he handles the run. We know he can get after the passer, and maybe that should get him on the field earlier into games on its own.

Easing Dexter in made sense until he played well in week five. Now, the team needs to see what his ceiling is and how playing time can improve his play.