6 Chicago Bears who need to show the most growth in the final six games

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, Justin Fields
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3. What can Justin Fields do to prove he is the man for the Chicago Bears?

Justin Fields did everything the Chicago Bears could have asked for him to do on Sunday. Of course, besides winning the game. The Bears took the ball out of the hands of Fields at the wrong times, but Fields also did not make the plays when they mattered the most. 

These six games are going to be more important for him than anyone else. The Bears have the Carolina Panthers pick, and their own pick so they can take a swing at quarterback and still have ammunition to help him. 

Fields reduced his pressure to sack rate on Sunday. This is notable since it was such a talking point when he sat the previous four games. It shows that he is still making progress. More than anything, the Bears need to see a win. They need to see Fields finish the season 4-2 and take one of their picks out of the range to take a quarterback, ensuring they use the Panthers pick on a premium player. The stats are great, but for Justin Fields, it has to be wins.