NFC North QB power rankings after NFL draft

Where does Caleb Williams rank amongst his divisional peers?
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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It's been a while since there's been this much hype around a Chicago Bears football team.

Heck, it's been even longer since there's been this much hype around a Bears quarterback.

Justin Fields had plenty of hype surrounding him, but that also came as being the fourth quarterback off the board in his respective draft. But, Caleb Williams?

Williams' situation is vastly different. The Bears took him first overall, and he comes in as maybe the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. But, does the hype alone warrant Williams' spot any higher on an NFC North power rankings list than his veteran peers?

Caleb Williams will have to wait his turn to be atop the NFC North quarterback rankings, but it won't take long

4. J.J. McCarthy, Vikings

This should go without saying, but J.J. McCarthy deserves to be last on this list. He's a rookie without having taken a single NFL snap, and he happens to be playing in the same division as the draft's top pick this year.

That's not to say McCarthy won't be a good player, but here's the thing: he's not even guaranteed the starting job.

We're only putting McCarthy on this list for the sake of it being a post-draft topic. The fact of the matter is, the starting job currently belongs to Sam Darnold.

Now, if you were to swap McCarthy for Darnold, here, I might still argue that Darnold would be last on this list. And sure, that would completely contradict the point of a rookie being underserving of a place above a veteran. Yet, it wouldn't feel right putting Darnold above Williams.