Chicago Bears NFC North Rivals: A look at the Detroit Lions

It is time to take a look at each NFC North rival, see what they have done this off-season, and analyze who they could draft on April 25. We begin with the Detroit Lions, who won the division last season.
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How does it impact the Bears?

With Brad Holmes in charge of the draft, their talent has been significantly upgraded through the draft. But now picking towards the end of the first round, it would be interesting to see what Holmes has up in his sleeves since their fans are used to seeing them draft in the top 3-5. They will have to wait for a while for their pick to be called as this year's NFL Draft is being held in Detroit.

Like the Bears, they do have similar needs with an edge rusher and a wide receiver. However, the Lions will be picking 29th overall in the first round, so the Bears will not likely be threatened by the Lions moving up ahead of the Bears. But they are ahead of the Bears in terms of rebuilding and being closer to the Super Bowl.

They came close to sweeping them last season, so there is no reason to believe the Bears can be more competitive with another strong draft this year. Like Brad Holmes did, Ryan Poles must keep the Bears trending in the right direction, and close the gap with the Lions this off-season.

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