Chicago Bears NFC North Rivals: A look at the Minnesota Vikings

In our third and final series looking at NFC North rival this off-season and their draft needs on April 25, we look at the Minnesota Vikings, who must find their quarterback of the future while also trying to keep Justin Jefferson happy.
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How does it impacts the Bears?

On paper, the Lions and the Packers will compete for NFC North while the Bears and the Vikings will be battling to avoid finishing last in 2024. Jared Goff will remain a steady presence for the Lions while Jordan Love could elevate the Packers after completing his first full season as a starter last season.

The Bears and the Vikings will both break in a rookie quarterback in 2024. The Bears will hand the keys over to Caleb Williams from Day 1 while the Vikings will rely on Sam Darnold until he's seriously injured or flat-out stinks and leave them no choice but to start a rookie quarterback.

And it will could seriously impact the contract negotiation of their star receiver Justin Jefferson. He reportedly turned down a massive extension offer last off-season. He definitely wants to make sure they have a franchise quarterback in place before he commits long term as his contract expires after the 2024 season. It could be a huge distraction for the Vikings before or during the season.

Whether moving up to the Top 5, staying put, or trading down, the Vikings will get their quarterback in this draft. If they hit on him, the NFC North will be incredibly competitive for many years to come, which is not good news for the Bears fans.

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